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Next generation industrial transport technology

The SuperTrak transport system from B&R enables advanced manufacturing concepts for flexible, efficient production at any batch size. Programming takes place in the Automation Studio software development environment.

SuperTrak has been specially developed for 24/7 operation in harsh industrial environments. The system is reliable, safe and remarkably service-friendly. Individual segments and shuttles can easily be replaced without having to disassemble the track. This results in a very low mean repair time and increases the productivity of the entire plant.

Seamless integration of CNC and robotics

With exceptional system availability and real-time synchronization of all types of servo axes, including those used by CNC and robotics systems, high-quality production output is guaranteed. Shuttles, robots and other CNC-controlled components can be effectively integrated to form an automated production unit. For communication, B&R relies on the Ethernet-based POWERLINK protocol, which can handle the synchronization of the axes in hard real time.

Drastically reduced footprint

Through comprehensive integration, SuperTrak allows for a considerable reduction in production line footprint. Products are guided through every stage of the production process by an intelligent system. Each product is handled individually, so they no longer collide in buffer zones and on conveyor belts. This eliminates a primary source of damaged products and substantially increases the quality of production output.

There's no longer any need for collection zones or conveyor belts to speed up and slow down products since each item can be moved through the line at a defined speed. The individual shuttles can be controlled via CNC channels.

Each shuttle is controlled individually.

Rapid changeover

SuperTrak optimizes the changeover times for different products manufactured on the same line. As soon as the operator chooses a different option on the operator panel, the transport system automatically switches over to the new product. Extended downtime for mechanical changeover between products is either reduced substantially or eliminated entirely. With its high load capacity, SuperTrak can handle heavier products as well.

Programmed in Automation Studio

Like all B&R solutions, SuperTrak is programmed in the Automation Studio software development environment. Programmers can take advantage of ready-to-use libraries and function blocks to configure the shuttles.

Easy integration in higher-level systems

Like all B&R's products, SuperTrak is fully integrated in B&R automation solutions. This high degree of integration eliminates system discontinuities and opens up all options when putting together a complete system.

The transport system is controlled by a powerful Automation PC, which functions as a centralized controller that is also capable of handling all other automation tasks. This system architecture also makes it easy to integrate SuperTrak into higher-level systems without requiring additional interfaces or bus controllers.

  • Highlights
  • Low-maintenance, robust design
  • Reliable 24/7 operation in harsh environments
  • Very high loads
  • Precise product positioning
  • External axes synchronized in hard real time
  • CNC and robot integration

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